A brief history of Reel Blondes

Reel Blondes was born in a salon in 1992 Blackhawk California offering a beer and wine bar with cabaret style. "Victoria's HAIR ON STAGE" became a dream come true for Vicki Brooks. She wrote her first show in 4 hours! Shocked it was any good at all, and still going strong after all these years! 

Previously known as Victoria's Hair on Stage, Victoria's Reel Blondes features live music, dancing, and hysterical, belly aching pop culture parody, and LEAVES YOU HUMMING YOUR FAVORITE TUNE!

"Ridiculously Fun" - San Francisco Chronicle

"Blondes is a laugh a minute" - Contra Costa Times

"It's People Magazine on Stage" - Danville Express

"Laughter is the best medicine" - Vicki Brooks